“Infinity heart” ring in 18 kt white gold with heart-cut diamond.

Gold g. 8.1

Diamond ct. 0.34

The diamond has a GIA certificate

the roses of the heart

The jewel “The roses of the heart” is a pendant tribute to the awakening of nature.

In the intense blue of the precious mineral the enchantment of the sea echoes which is the backdrop to the refined double-sided bouquet in bas-relief.

The handcrafted roses are dense on one side and thin on the other.

The rotating counter-link in yellow and white gold features a calla lily on one side and a lily on the other.

A heart as immense as the sea, as infinite as the sky, full of roses, the passion of a profound love.

Technical description:

Double-sided pendant in 750/1000 yellow and white gold with a turquoise heart.

Gold g. 3.5



A ring with a simple and traditional design to enhance the symbol of the most precious asset, life…

The delicate satin finish, which extends along the barrel, highlights the circle of life that encloses the small stylized tree, whose soft lines evoke the famous Art Nouveau style.

The protagonist of the jewel is the small diamond, the indelible light of life itself.

Data sheet:

18 kt yellow and white gold ring, g. 8.1

Diamond 0.02 ct

Price: €1280.00 (free shipping)

love drop pendant

A jewel that celebrates love, the great, deep one that unites two people through small things; just one drop of your love in my heart is enough to give life to an immense love, this is the message it expresses…
The pendant, made of white gold with pavé diamonds and teardrop tourmaline, is composed of a delicate intertwining of details in shiny gold and others embellished with small diamonds, the design comes from the lightness dictated by the Liberty style, soft lines and curves that are an integral part of the jewel itself.
It is the first of a small series of pieces that will have the same meaning but which will be made in different styles, as the multifaceted goldsmith Ivan Barbato likes to do.
The constant detail throughout the collection will be a teardrop-cut precious stone which will from time to time be included inside a heart, the drop of love…

Data sheet:
18 kt white gold pendant with diamonds and tourmaline.
Gold g. 6.81
Diamonds ct. 0.55
Tourmaline ct. 1.18
Price: €3970.00

Mother of life pendant in white gold

The woman is the absolute protagonist in this jewel, a human figure placed in the center of this creation.

She herself, in a more direct and less stylized representation, is an integral part of the tree that identifies life, her legs are grafted into a sturdy trunk and her arms unwind into luxuriant branches, the little one is nestled on her belly diamond, the precious life that is generated, that will be born… Suitable not only as a jewel to give as a gift on the occasion of a new birth but also to give as a gift to your mother, to your grandmother, as a symbol of that close genetic and family bond that no one will ever be able to scratch…

Technical data sheet:

9kt white gold pendant with diamond

Gold g. 14.5 – diamond 0.04 ct

moving to the future

A balance between different themes translated into a unique jewel, second life, reuse, past and future meeting, tradition and modern technology.
The idea was born precisely from wanting to combine a symbol of the future, identified by the hand, with something from the past.

The hand ideally represents the metaverse, while we observe virtually we have the perception of touching what we see.
The ammonite placed in the center of the pendant represents second life and reuse, a fossil of a prehistoric animal that finds new life in a jewel where matter, technique and symbols coexist in perfect harmony.

The ammonite almost seems to have the appearance of a clock that marks time, the passage…

On the back of the pendant the ancient divinity of the Two-Faced Janus is represented, symbol of the passage and of every new beginning, with one face turned to the past and the other looking towards the future;

it seems to come out of a cave, from an archaic time, yellow gold veins superimposed on smoky quartz have the appearance of stalactites or rather of gold veins, just as precious material is born and then shaped by the hand of man.

jewelry with tree of life symbol

gioiello con albero della vita

If you are looking for a jewel that expresses your love of life, nature and family, you could choose a jewel with the symbol of the tree of life. The tree of life is an ancient symbol that represents the connection between heaven and earth, between roots and branches, between the past and the future. The tree of life is also a symbol of growth, prosperity and harmony.

There are many models of jewelry with the tree of life, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones, from those in gold to those in silver, from those with precious stones to those with crystals or pearls. You can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants with the tree of life, to wear alone or to combine with each other.

A jewel with the tree of life is a perfect gift for a special person, such as a mother, sister, girlfriend or friend. It’s a way of saying “I love you” and “I wish you the best”. A tree of life jewel is also a beautiful way to celebrate a birth, birthday, anniversary or graduation.

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