Collana in oro giallo e argento 925 con sfere in lava vulcanica e maschere in pietra lavica


The “Vesuviana” necklace follows the same inspiration as the Antica Roma bijoux line, it is a journey into the past, into the beauty brought to light by the work of archaeologists. The eruption of Vesuvius buried the ancient neighboring cities for centuries, paintings, statues, architecture, objects of common use, everything has remained unchanged over time. The necklace is made of volcanic materials, Vesuvian lava stones of different shades have been carefully engraved by hand depicting ancient faces, masks, telamons, subjects that we would have found in the ancient theater, in the architecture of a palace, in the frescoes of the patrician villas. It is like grouping together in a single jewel the set of various finds, set in precious metals that rightly enhance a treasure of the past. The necklace is an example of the perfect union that can exist between valuable materials and other very simple ones such as volcanic lava and lava stones. The particular goldsmith work is limited to the back of the jewel, singular bezels decorated with the fretwork technique welcome the various faces that wind along the necklace. Each bezel has a burnished silver component that matches the black of the lava stone and at the same time highlights the decorative effect obtained on the yellow gold through the fretwork.

Technical description:
Necklace in 750/1000 yellow gold and 925/1000 silver with spheres of volcanic lava and lava stone masks. Gold g. 51,1 Silver g. 11


Ippocampo necklace in white gold, freshwater pearls and brown diamonds

Collana - Ippocampo- in oro bianco, perle d'acqua dolce e diamnti brown - Mediterraneo


The water element has always been essential for life, as well as in the seas also on earth.
From the deepest abysses to the highest peaks, what appears to us as the best work of art is always her: “Nature”
This jewel is a small tribute to the marine world which, like a marvelous casket, holds multiple forms of life and colors in perfect balance.
The submerged nature, which fascinates us so much, is just like a jewel,

there is always something that arouses our emotion …

Necklace with freshwater pearls, hippocampus in white gold and pendant drops in white gold and brown diamonds

necklace – Le Ali della fantasia – yellow gold, fired enamels, brown diamonds and smoky quartz

girocollo - Le Ali della fantasia - oro giallo , smalti a fuoco, diamanti brown e quarzi fumè - pezzo unico-Liberty

Jewel dedicated to the beauty of nature and imagination, clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau style, it uses maple seeds made from yellow gold and finely fire-enamelled with amber shades as an aesthetic element; they are the extension of the face of a small mask placed on the center of the necklace, they open outwards as if they were the wings of a dragonfly, wings of the imagination that represent a delicate beauty in a surreal way, the whole thing is adorned with Swiss and brown cut diamonds and pendant drops in smoky quazo – cut briolet.
The continuation of the necklace is a chain also made entirely by hand, inspired by models in vogue during the Belle Epoque.

Data sheet:

Yellow gold and fired enamel necklace with diamonds and smoky quartz.
Gold g. 39.8