gioiello in mosaico con maschera teatrale

The Infinity collection originates from a collaboration between the goldsmith Ivan Barbato and the mosaicist Fabio Bordi, and proposes the theme of ancient Rome.

The union between these two ancient decorative arts is suggestive.

These jewels made of bronze, adorned with marble tiles and Venetian enamels, seem to belong to an ancient past.

The star of this collection is the classic medallion-shaped pendant.

The ornamental motif in the center is made of bronze, coral or lava stone, while the decorations at the edges are made up of micro mosaic fragments.

At the customer’s request, the models in this collection can also be made with precious materials such as noble metals, gems and ancient marbles.

The collection bears the signature of the two artisans and the symbol of infinity refers to Rome, the Eternal City.

necklace – Le Ali della fantasia – yellow gold, fired enamels, brown diamonds and smoky quartz

girocollo - Le Ali della fantasia - oro giallo , smalti a fuoco, diamanti brown e quarzi fumè - pezzo unico-Liberty

Jewel dedicated to the beauty of nature and imagination, clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau style, it uses maple seeds made from yellow gold and finely fire-enamelled with amber shades as an aesthetic element; they are the extension of the face of a small mask placed on the center of the necklace, they open outwards as if they were the wings of a dragonfly, wings of the imagination that represent a delicate beauty in a surreal way, the whole thing is adorned with Swiss and brown cut diamonds and pendant drops in smoky quazo – cut briolet.
The continuation of the necklace is a chain also made entirely by hand, inspired by models in vogue during the Belle Epoque.

Data sheet:

Yellow gold and fired enamel necklace with diamonds and smoky quartz.
Gold g. 39.8