Venus in shell

Spilla Dama in turchese


A delicate female face recalls the features of Venus, perfectly integrated inside a shell that shows its mother-of-pearl part with dark tones. A thin border in yellow gold adorned with small diamonds winds along one side of the brooch and then continues on the back of the jewel as if to create a precious shell, the craftsmanship is mainly aimed at this part of the piece, the gold plate has been finished with a patient burin engraving recreating a design reminiscent of damask fabrics, it is a unique jewel which through its particular shape enhances the beauty of the turquoise lady, deliberately left free from visible settings, in reality anchored to the structure through a refined and complex sealing mechanism, almost as if it were suspended in space, as if it were born directly from the sea…

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold brooch with hand-engraved turquoise lady’s face, shell and brown diamonds.
Gold g. 48

Mars cameo brooch – yellow gold, white gold, diamonds and shell cameo

Spilla Cammeo Marte - oro giallo, oro bianco , diamanti e cammeo in conchiglia - stile rinasc. fiorentino

Refined and elegant 18 kt yellow and white gold brooch with diamonds and shell cameo depicting the god Mars.
This jewel made entirely by hand with the fretwork technique, is inspired by a typical Florentine Renaissance goldsmith’s art, where the metal was worked in such a way as to reproduce ornamental designs used on fabrics or lace; the metal was then further refined through the burin engraving, thanks to which matt and glossy chromatic contrasts were obtained, giving life to completely unique decorations.
The back, in addition to a meticulous finish that enhances the light of the diamonds (a-jour), shows the monogram of my initials (I.B) on the bottom of the cameo.