The little clown

Pendant in 18 kt yellow and white gold with red coral and brown diamonds.

The jewel was made entirely by hand, the clown obtained through a skilful burin engraving of the coral and the precious metal applied to it was worked through various techniques: from wax modeling and subsequent investment casting, to the tulle fretwork carried out directly on the metal .

The jewel is a unique piece that contains in small spaces a set of high craftsmanship, with only 8.45 grams of gold it is possible to see a juxtaposition of goldsmith techniques of the Florentine Renaissance to a material with warm colors typical of a Mediterranean style.


gioiello in mosaico con maschera teatrale

The Infinity collection originates from a collaboration between the goldsmith Ivan Barbato and the mosaicist Fabio Bordi, and proposes the theme of ancient Rome.

The union between these two ancient decorative arts is suggestive.

These jewels made of bronze, adorned with marble tiles and Venetian enamels, seem to belong to an ancient past.

The star of this collection is the classic medallion-shaped pendant.

The ornamental motif in the center is made of bronze, coral or lava stone, while the decorations at the edges are made up of micro mosaic fragments.

At the customer’s request, the models in this collection can also be made with precious materials such as noble metals, gems and ancient marbles.

The collection bears the signature of the two artisans and the symbol of infinity refers to Rome, the Eternal City.

The Mask

Ciondolo-spilla in oro bianco con maschera in corallo pelle d'angelo e perla d'acqua dolce - pezzo unico-Mediterraneo

The combination of different styles is something that has always fascinated me, giving a double or more meanings to a jewel makes it unique and interesting, this is the case of this pendant/brooch, the mask subject, carved on pink coral from the Pacific Ocean depicts a mask that recalls the carnival figures but in particular the face of Pulcinella, icon of the Neapolitan city.
It is therefore a jewel with a clear reference to a Mediterranean style, the theme of farce linked to the mask is further accentuated by the ornamental part in white gold, which due to its shape recalls the headdress of a jester and another style is introduced of workmanship, the metal worked in tulle thanks to the fretwork technique, that imitation of the textures of a fabric that were so fashionable from the mid-1800s onwards.
A mask with different aspects, as it should be… A jewel that crosses different places and styles…

Technical description:
Pendant/brooch in 18 kt white gold with angel skin mask.
Gold g. 14

Coral satyr

Ciondolo-spilla in oro giallo con Satiro in corallo - pezzo unico -Mediterraneo

A figure from ancient Greek-Roman mythology with hybrid features, a human aspect with goat details, the Satyr depicted in this pendant has a smiling appearance, as if to convey immediate joy. Obtained from a part of red coral, it immediately leads back to a marine territory, land and islands which were an integral part of the two ancient civilizations mentioned above.
Its being a semi-divine figure of the woods has given inspiration to the creation of the decorative part in yellow gold, which while adapting to the shape of the coral keeps its characteristic workmanship clearly visible by reproducing the natural veins of a vegetable, a green shell of a wild hazelnut .
The shiny gold part alternates with the opaque one almost as if to create a satyr’s garment, a soft hat, a tie-related dress.
An imaginative game for a pendant/brooch with a unique charm…

Technical description:
18 kt yellow gold pendant/brooch with coral satyr
Gold g. 38.8

Flower of love


The jewel, a small pendant, is made by combining precious yellow gold with a marvel of the sea, coral, the latter meticulously hand-engraved in the shape of a rose with very delicate red petals.
There are many meanings of the noble flower depending on its color, certainly red has always been linked to love. The gold frame, previously modeled in wax, represents the marked veins of a vegetable bark that surrounds the flower.
A tribute to the sentiment that feeds life in an aesthetic union with a clear reference to the beauty of nature.

Technical description:
Girandolino in 18 kt yellow gold with coral rose
Gold g. 10.2


Girandola della natura- Pendente in oro bianco con rosa in corallo - Mediterraneo-Liberty-

The white and pink gold pendant in coral is a clear homage to nature, to the beauty of plants and flowers, including the rose, perhaps the most evocative flower, a meaning for each of its colours.
The gold part reproduces the natural veining of a vegetable bark that envelops the coral flower in a delicate vortex, like the motion of a pinwheel in the wind, a wind that arises between one season and another in the marvel of life that a spring pinwheel is born in the colors of flowering plants…

Technical description:
18 kt white gold pendant with coral rose.
Gold g. 22.1