Venus in shell

Spilla Dama in turchese


A delicate female face recalls the features of Venus, perfectly integrated inside a shell that shows its mother-of-pearl part with dark tones. A thin border in yellow gold adorned with small diamonds winds along one side of the brooch and then continues on the back of the jewel as if to create a precious shell, the craftsmanship is mainly aimed at this part of the piece, the gold plate has been finished with a patient burin engraving recreating a design reminiscent of damask fabrics, it is a unique jewel which through its particular shape enhances the beauty of the turquoise lady, deliberately left free from visible settings, in reality anchored to the structure through a refined and complex sealing mechanism, almost as if it were suspended in space, as if it were born directly from the sea…

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold brooch with hand-engraved turquoise lady’s face, shell and brown diamonds.
Gold g. 48


Ciondolo in oro giallo con turchese, il pendente è double face e unico in ogni suo dettaglio... - Mediterraneo Liberty-
Pendant in yellow gold with turquoise, the pendant is double-faced and unique in every detail


The jewel is a tribute to nature, in its forms, among its elements…
A young elf in yellow gold plays an ancient tuba, immersed in a heart of blue turquoise that creates the bridge between the water element and the earth element, he himself has hybrid features that in the lower part resemble a marine creature and then culminate with a graceful headdress of hers that connects an earthly one to one side.
The intense blue of the mineral evokes the sea but the reference to flowers is then well marked, the pendant has in fact a double aspect that allows it to be worn on both sides, as if to delight the owner of being able to have two jewels in one.
While on one side the yellow gold leprechaun is visible playing, almost cradled by a sea wave, on the other there is a set of flowers delicately engraved in bas-relief on the mineral itself, alternating with these stand out gold leaves that derive from a small branch, the same branch that gradually turns into the elf’s headdress on the other side of the jewel.
The small hybrid body symbolically combines two dominant elements of nature, all enclosed in the shape of a heart, just as the heart symbolizes the union and love between two people…

Technical description:
Double face pendant in 750/1000 yellow gold with a turquoise heart.
Gold g. 10

Venus ring

Anello in oro giallo con volto di dama in turchese inciso a mano e diamanti cognac

A delicate female face with windblown hair is the main element in a yellow gold ring adorned with the intense color of cognac diamonds. The noble metal seems to caress the turquoise lady’s face following a completely original shape that makes this ring a particular unique piece.

Technical description:
Ring in 18kt yellow gold with a lady’s face in turquoise and cognac diamonds
Gold g. 17
Diamonds 0.15 ct