jewelry with tree of life symbol

gioiello con albero della vita

If you are looking for a jewel that expresses your love of life, nature and family, you could choose a jewel with the symbol of the tree of life. The tree of life is an ancient symbol that represents the connection between heaven and earth, between roots and branches, between the past and the future. The tree of life is also a symbol of growth, prosperity and harmony.

There are many models of jewelry with the tree of life, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones, from those in gold to those in silver, from those with precious stones to those with crystals or pearls. You can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants with the tree of life, to wear alone or to combine with each other.

A jewel with the tree of life is a perfect gift for a special person, such as a mother, sister, girlfriend or friend. It’s a way of saying “I love you” and “I wish you the best”. A tree of life jewel is also a beautiful way to celebrate a birth, birthday, anniversary or graduation.


anello artigianale in argento

925 silver ring made by hand modeling of wax and obtained in metal through the ancient lost wax casting technique.
The subject depicted is an ancient divinity, the famous “Aeolus” god of the winds, who through his breath moves the air that envelops our world …

Masks and drops of amber


Pendant earrings in 925 silver modeled in wax and obtained in metal through lost-wax casting. The figurative subject is freely inspired by ancient masks, creating a combination of theatrical faces and allegories.


Ciondolo con salmandra in argento 925 e oro giallo 18 Kt con minerale (pietra vesuviana)


Making jewels with minerals means giving life to something unique every time, the bright colors, the reflections of the crystals, everything takes on a particular charm, a unique suggestion that is given to us by the wonder of our planet. This pendant is made with a mineral called Vesuvian stone, contrary to what its name might suggest, in this case, it does not derive from the Campania region but rather from the Ligurian mountains. I wanted to leave all its beauty visible in that green that emerges from the rock , so I dedicated my work to the most hidden part, the back of the mineral. A Salamander in burnished silver with speckles in yellow gold and eyes in cognac diamonds clings to the mineral as if it wanted to protrude, the graceful amphibian as well as being the applied ornament acts as a structure itself that embeds the mineral, through its head it is possible insert a small yellow gold chain, which allows it to be worn. The result is a piece without equal; since the small animal has been modeled on the irregular shapes of the mineral, it is truly a one-of-a-kind jewel.

Technical description:
Pendant in 925/1000 burnished silver and 750/1000 yellow gold with Vesuvian stone.
Gold g. 2.8 g Silver. 15.6

Lovers pendant in yellow gold silver and freshwater pearls

Ciondolo Amanti, in oro giallo, argento e perle d'acqua dolce - pezzo unico- Liberty-


Materials : Silver, yellow gold and freshwater pearls

Techinque: wax modelling, micro-fusion and hand finish

Inspired by Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione

A Woman of the Risorgimento, she was sent to France by her cousin Cavour with the intent of using her graces to seduce and convince the Emperor Napoleo III to side his troops with those of the Savoy house for the cause of Itaian indipendence.

The attempt succeeded and the two became lovers.

Napoleon III showered her with jewels incuding a necklace of 5 rounds of pearls which she often wore. The jewel represents two lovers, he embraces her and in between the two bodies a shape in silver brings to mind the shape of a unified Italy, reason for which the two met.

The man and the woman are also joined by a thread of pearls which remembers one of te most famous gifts the Emperor gave to the Countess.