moving to the future

A balance between different themes translated into a unique jewel, second life, reuse, past and future meeting, tradition and modern technology.
The idea was born precisely from wanting to combine a symbol of the future, identified by the hand, with something from the past. The hand ideally represents the metaverse, while we observe virtually we have the perception of touching what we see.
The ammonite placed in the center of the pendant represents second life and reuse, a fossil of a prehistoric animal that finds new life in a jewel where matter, technique and symbols coexist in perfect harmony. The ammonite almost seems to have the appearance of a clock that marks time, the passage…
On the back of the pendant the ancient divinity of the Two-Faced Janus is represented, symbol of the passage and of every new beginning, with one face turned to the past and the other looking towards the future; it seems to come out of a cave, from an archaic time, yellow gold veins superimposed on smoky quartz have the appearance of stalactites or rather of gold veins, just as precious material is born and then shaped by the hand of man.

In the footsteps of time

Title of the jewel: “In the footsteps of time”

The jewel represents a journey through time, places and different forms of art;
in a single piece coexists the goldsmith art of the Florentine Renaissance, the micro-mosaic in marble that recalls the ancient Roman floors and a mythological figure daughter of the ancient Greek civilization, cradle of Mediterranean culture.
It is a journey through the author’s own experience,
the face of Medusa recalls the themes of mythology appreciated since childhood, the material from which it was obtained is lava stone from Vesuvius and geographically leads to that Campania land to which he himself belongs through his origins, land of unique places in the world such as the ancient city of Pompeii, which through its excavations and its archaeological finds has always fascinated Ivan, hence the love for ancient Roman mosaics.
The journey then continues through the goldsmith’s art that unites everything, it is clear the reference to the Florentine techniques so much appreciated, learned and perfected in a training course that took place however far from the Tuscan capital but rather in the region where his atelier lives and is based. ; that territory between the lakes of Lombardy where Ivan has learned the work he loves and which he transmits through works like this one.

Embracing the sea

Anello artigianale in oro bianco diamanti brown e perla

Unique 18 kt white gold ring with freshwater scaramazza pearl and brown diamonds, handmade by modeling the wax and adapting it directly to the irregular shapes of the pearl.
It is a clear tribute to the beauty of aquatic nature and thanks to the unique shape of the pearl, the whole jewel is an unparalleled piece …


Ciondolo in oro giallo con turchese, il pendente è double face e unico in ogni suo dettaglio... - Mediterraneo Liberty-
Pendant in yellow gold with turquoise, the pendant is double-faced and unique in every detail


The jewel is a tribute to nature, in its forms, among its elements…
A young elf in yellow gold plays an ancient tuba, immersed in a heart of blue turquoise that creates the bridge between the water element and the earth element, he himself has hybrid features that in the lower part resemble a marine creature and then culminate with a graceful headdress of hers that connects an earthly one to one side.
The intense blue of the mineral evokes the sea but the reference to flowers is then well marked, the pendant has in fact a double aspect that allows it to be worn on both sides, as if to delight the owner of being able to have two jewels in one.
While on one side the yellow gold leprechaun is visible playing, almost cradled by a sea wave, on the other there is a set of flowers delicately engraved in bas-relief on the mineral itself, alternating with these stand out gold leaves that derive from a small branch, the same branch that gradually turns into the elf’s headdress on the other side of the jewel.
The small hybrid body symbolically combines two dominant elements of nature, all enclosed in the shape of a heart, just as the heart symbolizes the union and love between two people…

Technical description:
Double face pendant in 750/1000 yellow gold with a turquoise heart.
Gold g. 10

Ippocampo necklace in white gold, freshwater pearls and brown diamonds

Collana - Ippocampo- in oro bianco, perle d'acqua dolce e diamnti brown - Mediterraneo


The water element has always been essential for life, as well as in the seas also on earth.
From the deepest abysses to the highest peaks, what appears to us as the best work of art is always her: “Nature”
This jewel is a small tribute to the marine world which, like a marvelous casket, holds multiple forms of life and colors in perfect balance.
The submerged nature, which fascinates us so much, is just like a jewel,

there is always something that arouses our emotion …

Necklace with freshwater pearls, hippocampus in white gold and pendant drops in white gold and brown diamonds

among medusa’s snakes

Ciondolo- spilla in oro giallo con Medusa in pietra lavica e diamanti cognac -pezzo unico-Mediterraneo


The face of Medusa, wrapped in the same reptiles that surround her head, is modeled by engraving entirely by hand in lava stone from Vesuvius. Medusa gives all her charm through her screaming expression, which as per legend, petrifies those who cross her gaze.
Yellow gold snakes and small cognac diamonds are an integral part of this pendant, which can also be used as a brooch, a unique piece that represents a journey between mythology and legend in a jewel that evokes ancient stories.

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold pendant/brooch with lava stone medusa and cognac diamonds
Gold g. 29.5
Diamonds ct. 0.14
Price: €5220.00

The Mask

Ciondolo-spilla in oro bianco con maschera in corallo pelle d'angelo e perla d'acqua dolce - pezzo unico-Mediterraneo

The combination of different styles is something that has always fascinated me, giving a double or more meanings to a jewel makes it unique and interesting, this is the case of this pendant/brooch, the mask subject, carved on pink coral from the Pacific Ocean depicts a mask that recalls the carnival figures but in particular the face of Pulcinella, icon of the Neapolitan city.
It is therefore a jewel with a clear reference to a Mediterranean style, the theme of farce linked to the mask is further accentuated by the ornamental part in white gold, which due to its shape recalls the headdress of a jester and another style is introduced of workmanship, the metal worked in tulle thanks to the fretwork technique, that imitation of the textures of a fabric that were so fashionable from the mid-1800s onwards.
A mask with different aspects, as it should be… A jewel that crosses different places and styles…

Technical description:
Pendant/brooch in 18 kt white gold with angel skin mask.
Gold g. 14

Coral satyr

Ciondolo-spilla in oro giallo con Satiro in corallo - pezzo unico -Mediterraneo

A figure from ancient Greek-Roman mythology with hybrid features, a human aspect with goat details, the Satyr depicted in this pendant has a smiling appearance, as if to convey immediate joy. Obtained from a part of red coral, it immediately leads back to a marine territory, land and islands which were an integral part of the two ancient civilizations mentioned above.
Its being a semi-divine figure of the woods has given inspiration to the creation of the decorative part in yellow gold, which while adapting to the shape of the coral keeps its characteristic workmanship clearly visible by reproducing the natural veins of a vegetable, a green shell of a wild hazelnut .
The shiny gold part alternates with the opaque one almost as if to create a satyr’s garment, a soft hat, a tie-related dress.
An imaginative game for a pendant/brooch with a unique charm…

Technical description:
18 kt yellow gold pendant/brooch with coral satyr
Gold g. 38.8