Masks and drops of amber


Pendant earrings in 925 silver modeled in wax and obtained in metal through lost-wax casting. The figurative subject is freely inspired by ancient masks, creating a combination of theatrical faces and allegories.

Collection Antica Roma

ciondolo artigianale in bronzo e travertino

The Antica Roma collection rediscovers the atmospheres, icons and symbols of imperial Rome.

A Collection of bronze and travertine jewels inspired by ancient mosaics and coins.

Pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets, expertly modeled with wax casting technique, are the protagonists of this innovative collection.

For him, for her, for an unforgettable gift.


The collection was exhibited at the bookshop of the archaeological area of ​​the ancient Domitian Stadium, today’s Piazza Navona, and subsequently proposed in the bookshop of the Scuderie del Quirinale, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Raffaello Sanzio.

segnalibro bocca della verità
Mouth of Truth Bookmark – Antique Bronze

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segnalibro bocca della verità in bronzo anticato


Theatrical mask earrings – Gilded bronze and carnelian agate or yellow jasper

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Orecchini con mascheroni in bronzo dorato e riolite
Satirical mask earrings _ Gilded bronze with pink rhyolite or aventurine

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Orecchini Bocche della Verità -Disponibili in ottone anticato o bronzo
Double Mouth of Truth Earrings – in Bronze or antique brass
orecchini piccole bocche della verità- bronzo dorasto e ottone bianco anticato
Mouth of Truth Coin Earrings – Bronze and white brass

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Bracciale Bocca della Verità -con lava vulcanica e bronzo anticato
Mouth of truth bracelet – Bronze and volcanic lava
Mouths of Truth bracelet – Bronze and village stone

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Bracciale Bocche della Verità con sfere in pietra paesina e bronzo anticato


Bronzo anticato , maschera in pietra lavica e travertino noce
Green lava stone mask pendant – Traverino / lava stone and bronze
bronzo anticato ,volto di telamone in pietra lavica e travertino noce
Green lava stone mask pendant – Traverino / lava stone and bronze
Bacco con anfora- bronzo anticato e trvaertino noce
Bacchus pendant with amphora – Travertine / antique bronze
Mouth of Truth Pendant – Travertine / antique bronze

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Mythological Medusa pendant – Travertine / antique bronze

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medusa - bronzo anticato e travertino noce


1 Colosseo bronzo e travertino noce
Colosseum pendant – Travertine / antique bronze

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Ciondolo Bacco- bronzo anticato e travertino noce
Pendant Bacchus – Travertine / antique bronze
Ciondolo imperatore domiziano- ottone e travertino noce
Emperor Domitian pendant – Travertine / bronze or antique brass
Ciondolo Piangi e ridi in bronzo anticato e travertino
Piangi e Ridi pendant – Travertine / antique bronze

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Theatrical mask pendant Art. 1 – Travertine / antique bronze

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Theatrical mask pendant Art. 2 – Travertine / antique bronze

earrings with white gold panthers, angel skin coral and fancy diamonds

orecchini con pantere - oro bianco, corallo pelle d'angelo e diamanti fancy- rinascimentale fiorentino

This is a typical combination of different techniques used by the goldsmith, combining a first modeling made on wax to obtain the face of the panther, subsequently obtained in metal by lost wax casting and, working the same with the fretwork technique, obtaining a small tulle .
In fact, the panther’s cheeks and forehead contain, in a delicate harmony, the tulle, a satin finish obtained by a burin and the light of the diamonds placed in the eyes, together with the fancy ones that adorn the head; from here then winds the soft color dictated by the Angelo Skin coral which gives further refinement to the earrings.