Ivan Barbato’s jewels are real handcrafted jewels.

Everything is strictly handmade, piece by piece. Each executive and technical phase is treated in detail; from the foil modeling to the finishing of gemstones’ chaton settings.

They are unique works focusing on the content of art, design and the refined splendor of artistic decorations.

The value of these jewels is not measured by weight, it does not depend only on the preciousness of the gems and metals used.

The ornamental stones of these jewels are chosen first of all for their decorative potential.

The pendant is the protagonist of all the collections.

Moreover we may find earrings, bracelets and necklaces, in gold and silver, decorated with diamonds and precious stones.

The inspiration for these collections come from very different artistic styles and historical periods from the Florentine Renaissance style to Art Nouveau.

Florentine Renaissance style Jewelry

The Florentine style jewels are small works of fine jewelery. You may appreciate them because of their classic design and exquisite finishing feature.

The ancient techniques used for metal processing are the fretwork and the burin engraving.

The light stroke of design in these jewels and the meticulous gold processing are reminiscent of the texture of a fabric, evoking fine lace and embroidery.

The dominant colors of these jewels are gold, white and yellow, accentuated by the brilliance of diamonds and precious gemstones.

The cut of the stones is symmetrical and the decorative motifs are linear and geometric.

Liberty style Jewelry

Liberty (or Art Nouveau) style jewels are characterized by an agile and supple lines aesthetic .

The dominant themes are nature and the female image. Faces and sinuous bodies of women, but also plants and floral world, are the favorite motifs of brooches, pendants and liberty charms.

Metals are expertly modeled in wax and the cut of gemstones is often irregular.

Mediterranean style Jewelry

Mediterranean-style jewels are a tribute to italian culture and its ancient origins.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are adorned with diamonds, corals, turquoise, sapphires and emeralds, whose bright colors are memories of the Mediterranean landscape and atmosphere.

The dominant themes of these jewels, classical mythology and archeology, bring people back to the dawn of the world.

Among the subjects depicted we find female bodies, cherubs, chimeras and hybrid beings that evoke the ancient grotesque decorations found in the Domus Aurea of the Emperor Nero.

The decorations and ornamental motifs are made by engraving on semi precious stones such as coral, lava stones and shells.

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