Liberty Art Nouveau style Jewelry

pettine fermacapelli- in argento 925 - premio 2017 Maestri del Gioiello - Liberty

Liberty (or Art Nouveau) style jewels are characterized by an agile and supple lines aesthetic .

The dominant themes are nature and the female image. Faces and sinuous bodies of women, but also plants and floral world, are the favorite motifs of brooches, pendants and liberty charms.

Metals are expertly modeled in wax and the cut of gemstones is often irregular.

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Ciondolo in oro giallo con turchese, il pendente è double face e unico in ogni suo dettaglio... - Mediterraneo Liberty-
Pendant in yellow gold with turquoise, the pendant is double-faced and unique in every detail


The jewel is a tribute to nature, in its forms, among its elements…
A young elf in yellow gold plays an ancient tuba, immersed in a heart of blue turquoise that creates the bridge between the water element and the earth element, he himself has hybrid features that in the lower part resemble a marine creature and then culminate with a graceful headdress of hers that connects an earthly one to one side.
The intense blue of the mineral evokes the sea but the reference to flowers is then well marked, the pendant has in fact a double aspect that allows it to be worn on both sides, as if to delight the owner of being able to have two jewels in one.
While on one side the yellow gold leprechaun is visible playing, almost cradled by a sea wave, on the other there is a set of flowers delicately engraved in bas-relief on the mineral itself, alternating with these stand out gold leaves that derive from a small branch, the same branch that gradually turns into the elf’s headdress on the other side of the jewel.
The small hybrid body symbolically combines two dominant elements of nature, all enclosed in the shape of a heart, just as the heart symbolizes the union and love between two people…

Technical description:
Double face pendant in 750/1000 yellow gold with a turquoise heart.
Gold g. 10

necklace – Le Ali della fantasia – yellow gold, fired enamels, brown diamonds and smoky quartz

girocollo - Le Ali della fantasia - oro giallo , smalti a fuoco, diamanti brown e quarzi fumè - pezzo unico-Liberty

Jewel dedicated to the beauty of nature and imagination, clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau style, it uses maple seeds made from yellow gold and finely fire-enamelled with amber shades as an aesthetic element; they are the extension of the face of a small mask placed on the center of the necklace, they open outwards as if they were the wings of a dragonfly, wings of the imagination that represent a delicate beauty in a surreal way, the whole thing is adorned with Swiss and brown cut diamonds and pendant drops in smoky quazo – cut briolet.
The continuation of the necklace is a chain also made entirely by hand, inspired by models in vogue during the Belle Epoque.

Data sheet:

Yellow gold and fired enamel necklace with diamonds and smoky quartz.
Gold g. 39.8



ciondolo in oro bianco con conchiglia ,diamanti blu e perla Tahiti - pezzo unico -Mediterraneo Liberty


The jewel, made of white gold, combines materials of different origins, another example of union between sea and land, a pink shell and a precious black Tahiti pearl are in fact set through a refined frame of the noble metal,
further adorned by the presence of some small blue diamonds.
The pink element is precisely the heart of the Caribbean shell from which it was made, a soft and delicate shade that holds the natural jewel that comes from the sea, a beautiful black pearl from Polynesia. The gold frame follows a soft and sinuous line like a delicate wave that wraps and embeds the shell, the blue diamonds create small luminous points of that intense color which further contributes to evoking the thalassic environment.
A unique jewel closely linked to the sea, colors and shapes in perfect harmony destined to cross the time…

Technical description:
750/1000 white gold pendant with shell, Tahiti pearl and blue diamonds
Gold g. 17
Diamonds ct. 0.32
Price: €4670.00

Flower of love


The jewel, a small pendant, is made by combining precious yellow gold with a marvel of the sea, coral, the latter meticulously hand-engraved in the shape of a rose with very delicate red petals.
There are many meanings of the noble flower depending on its color, certainly red has always been linked to love. The gold frame, previously modeled in wax, represents the marked veins of a vegetable bark that surrounds the flower.
A tribute to the sentiment that feeds life in an aesthetic union with a clear reference to the beauty of nature.

Technical description:
Girandolino in 18 kt yellow gold with coral rose
Gold g. 10.2


Girandola della natura- Pendente in oro bianco con rosa in corallo - Mediterraneo-Liberty-

The white and pink gold pendant in coral is a clear homage to nature, to the beauty of plants and flowers, including the rose, perhaps the most evocative flower, a meaning for each of its colours.
The gold part reproduces the natural veining of a vegetable bark that envelops the coral flower in a delicate vortex, like the motion of a pinwheel in the wind, a wind that arises between one season and another in the marvel of life that a spring pinwheel is born in the colors of flowering plants…

Technical description:
18 kt white gold pendant with coral rose.
Gold g. 22.1

Lovers pendant in yellow gold silver and freshwater pearls

Ciondolo Amanti, in oro giallo, argento e perle d'acqua dolce - pezzo unico- Liberty-


Materials : Silver, yellow gold and freshwater pearls

Techinque: wax modelling, micro-fusion and hand finish

Inspired by Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione

A Woman of the Risorgimento, she was sent to France by her cousin Cavour with the intent of using her graces to seduce and convince the Emperor Napoleo III to side his troops with those of the Savoy house for the cause of Itaian indipendence.

The attempt succeeded and the two became lovers.

Napoleon III showered her with jewels incuding a necklace of 5 rounds of pearls which she often wore. The jewel represents two lovers, he embraces her and in between the two bodies a shape in silver brings to mind the shape of a unified Italy, reason for which the two met.

The man and the woman are also joined by a thread of pearls which remembers one of te most famous gifts the Emperor gave to the Countess.