necklace – Le Ali della fantasia – yellow gold, fired enamels, brown diamonds and smoky quartz

girocollo - Le Ali della fantasia - oro giallo , smalti a fuoco, diamanti brown e quarzi fumè - pezzo unico-Liberty

Jewel dedicated to the beauty of nature and imagination, clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau style, it uses maple seeds made from yellow gold and finely fire-enamelled with amber shades as an aesthetic element; they are the extension of the face of a small mask placed on the center of the necklace, they open outwards as if they were the wings of a dragonfly, wings of the imagination that represent a delicate beauty in a surreal way, the whole thing is adorned with Swiss and brown cut diamonds and pendant drops in smoky quazo – cut briolet.
The continuation of the necklace is a chain also made entirely by hand, inspired by models in vogue during the Belle Epoque.

Data sheet:

Yellow gold and fired enamel necklace with diamonds and smoky quartz.
Gold g. 39.8


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