among medusa’s snakes

Ciondolo- spilla in oro giallo con Medusa in pietra lavica e diamanti cognac -pezzo unico-Mediterraneo


The face of Medusa, wrapped in the same reptiles that surround her head, is modeled by engraving entirely by hand in lava stone from Vesuvius. Medusa gives all her charm through her screaming expression, which as per legend, petrifies those who cross her gaze.
Yellow gold snakes and small cognac diamonds are an integral part of this pendant, which can also be used as a brooch, a unique piece that represents a journey between mythology and legend in a jewel that evokes ancient stories.

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold pendant/brooch with lava stone medusa and cognac diamonds
Gold g. 29.5
Diamonds ct. 0.14
Price: €5220.00

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