The Mask

Ciondolo-spilla in oro bianco con maschera in corallo pelle d'angelo e perla d'acqua dolce - pezzo unico-Mediterraneo

The combination of different styles is something that has always fascinated me, giving a double or more meanings to a jewel makes it unique and interesting, this is the case of this pendant/brooch, the mask subject, carved on pink coral from the Pacific Ocean depicts a mask that recalls the carnival figures but in particular the face of Pulcinella, icon of the Neapolitan city.
It is therefore a jewel with a clear reference to a Mediterranean style, the theme of farce linked to the mask is further accentuated by the ornamental part in white gold, which due to its shape recalls the headdress of a jester and another style is introduced of workmanship, the metal worked in tulle thanks to the fretwork technique, that imitation of the textures of a fabric that were so fashionable from the mid-1800s onwards.
A mask with different aspects, as it should be… A jewel that crosses different places and styles…

Technical description:
Pendant/brooch in 18 kt white gold with angel skin mask.
Gold g. 14

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