Coral satyr

Ciondolo-spilla in oro giallo con Satiro in corallo - pezzo unico -Mediterraneo

A figure from ancient Greek-Roman mythology with hybrid features, a human aspect with goat details, the Satyr depicted in this pendant has a smiling appearance, as if to convey immediate joy. Obtained from a part of red coral, it immediately leads back to a marine territory, land and islands which were an integral part of the two ancient civilizations mentioned above.
Its being a semi-divine figure of the woods has given inspiration to the creation of the decorative part in yellow gold, which while adapting to the shape of the coral keeps its characteristic workmanship clearly visible by reproducing the natural veins of a vegetable, a green shell of a wild hazelnut .
The shiny gold part alternates with the opaque one almost as if to create a satyr’s garment, a soft hat, a tie-related dress.
An imaginative game for a pendant/brooch with a unique charm…

Technical description:
18 kt yellow gold pendant/brooch with coral satyr
Gold g. 38.8

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