About me

My name is Ivan Barbato, I am an italian jewelry designer.

I offer a bespoke jewelry service with worldwide delivery.

My studio is in Cardano al Campo, a small town in the province of Varese (northen Italy). It is just next to Maplensa Airport, so if you are planning a holiday nearby, or maybe you need some relax after a business trip in Milan, you should take this chance to see my beautiful jewels !

Every piece of jewellery I create is entirely hand-made and precious metals are crafted with state of art italian traditional goldsmith techniques.

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About me

My career as a goldsmith started early.

I discovered this ancient craft when I was only 8 years old.

My mum was working for one of the oldest goldsmith factory in the province of Varese.

The atelier was just in front our house. Peeking from the windows, I could see the artisans at work. I loved everything about this world… the noise of the machines, the wooden work benches, the work tools…

Child reveries that quickly turned into a passion and a job.


My passion for the art of Goldsmith and high jewelry came a few years later, when I completed my Graduate Goldsmith Certification at Capac Institute in Milan. I was lucky enough to have excellent teachers who transmitted me the love for this ancient art.

Work experience

After completing my goldsmith course, I’ve worked at several goldsmith workshops in Varese and Milan, and I also held a goldsmith course, always in Varese.

I regularly take part in jewellery fairs, trade shows and exhibitions.

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In 2008 I started my goldsmith and jewelry business in Cardano del Campo.

Since 2013 I’ve made unique pieces for italian high end jewlery brand Buccellati, with whom I’m still collaborating.

Prizes and awards

2022 Incinque Jewel Award

2017 Award Masters of Jewelry

Award Italian jewelry design

2011 Artis Award for artisanal excellence

award for italian gold and jewlery design

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