Venus in shell

Spilla Dama in turchese


A delicate female face recalls the features of Venus, perfectly integrated inside a shell that shows its mother-of-pearl part with dark tones. A thin border in yellow gold adorned with small diamonds winds along one side of the brooch and then continues on the back of the jewel as if to create a precious shell, the craftsmanship is mainly aimed at this part of the piece, the gold plate has been finished with a patient burin engraving recreating a design reminiscent of damask fabrics, it is a unique jewel which through its particular shape enhances the beauty of the turquoise lady, deliberately left free from visible settings, in reality anchored to the structure through a refined and complex sealing mechanism, almost as if it were suspended in space, as if it were born directly from the sea…

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold brooch with hand-engraved turquoise lady’s face, shell and brown diamonds.
Gold g. 48

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