marine flower

ciondolo in oro giallo con fiore in conchiglia e zaffiro blu - pezzo unico- Mediterraneo


The title of the jewel is a clear play on words based on the protagonist of the pendant, emphasizing its reference to the marine world due to the material it is made of.
A soft pink shell, skilfully worked in the shape of a flower is partially wrapped in a refined yellow gold structure which, thanks to its delicate trend, recalls the soft lines of Art Nouveau, in the center of the flower, a further note of color is given by the presence of a blue sapphire, also reminiscent of the color of the sea, the intense blue of its depths, in a delicate chromatic contrast with the pink of the shell, it further enhances the aesthetic effect of the whole jewel.
Each flower contains a particular beauty, shapes and colors are always different, unique, uniqueness like a jewel forever…

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold pendant with shell flower and blue sapphire
Gold g. 8.4


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