anello artigianale in argento

925 silver ring made by hand modeling of wax and obtained in metal through the ancient lost wax casting technique.
The subject depicted is an ancient divinity, the famous “Aeolus” god of the winds, who through his breath moves the air that envelops our world …

Masks and drops of amber


Pendant earrings in 925 silver modeled in wax and obtained in metal through lost-wax casting. The figurative subject is freely inspired by ancient masks, creating a combination of theatrical faces and allegories.

Infinity ring

Anello di fidanzamento su misura

Handcrafted engagement ring in 18kt white and yellow gold.
Embellished with a delicate and meticulous engraving burin that evokes a typical style used by the goldsmiths of the Florentine Renaissance.

Florentine Renaissance style Jewelry

Spilla Cammeo Marte - oro giallo, oro bianco , diamanti e cammeo in conchiglia - stile rinasc. fiorentino

The Florentine style jewels are small works of fine jewelery. You may appreciate them because of their classic design and exquisite finishing feature.

The ancient techniques used for metal processing are the fretwork and the burin engraving.

The light stroke of design in these jewels and the meticulous gold processing are reminiscent of the texture of a fabric, evoking fine lace and embroidery.

The dominant colors of these jewels are gold, white and yellow, accentuated by the brilliance of diamonds and precious gemstones.

The cut of the stones is symmetrical and the decorative motifs are linear and geometric.

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Liberty Art Nouveau style Jewelry

pettine fermacapelli- in argento 925 - premio 2017 Maestri del Gioiello - Liberty

Liberty (or Art Nouveau) style jewels are characterized by an agile and supple lines aesthetic .

The dominant themes are nature and the female image. Faces and sinuous bodies of women, but also plants and floral world, are the favorite motifs of brooches, pendants and liberty charms.

Metals are expertly modeled in wax and the cut of gemstones is often irregular.

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Infinity bags

The partnership between the goldsmith Ivan Barbato and the mosaic maker Fabio Bordi has been further strengthened with the participation the Tuscan company of Luciano Gelisio, specialized in the creation of handcrafted leather bags.

The outcome is an exclusive leather bag, enriched with bronze and micromosaic ornamentation, showing all the typical characteristics of an authentic Made in Italy product.


Collana in oro giallo e argento 925 con sfere in lava vulcanica e maschere in pietra lavica


The “Vesuviana” necklace follows the same inspiration as the Antica Roma bijoux line, it is a journey into the past, into the beauty brought to light by the work of archaeologists. The eruption of Vesuvius buried the ancient neighboring cities for centuries, paintings, statues, architecture, objects of common use, everything has remained unchanged over time. The necklace is made of volcanic materials, Vesuvian lava stones of different shades have been carefully engraved by hand depicting ancient faces, masks, telamons, subjects that we would have found in the ancient theater, in the architecture of a palace, in the frescoes of the patrician villas. It is like grouping together in a single jewel the set of various finds, set in precious metals that rightly enhance a treasure of the past. The necklace is an example of the perfect union that can exist between valuable materials and other very simple ones such as volcanic lava and lava stones. The particular goldsmith work is limited to the back of the jewel, singular bezels decorated with the fretwork technique welcome the various faces that wind along the necklace. Each bezel has a burnished silver component that matches the black of the lava stone and at the same time highlights the decorative effect obtained on the yellow gold through the fretwork.

Technical description:
Necklace in 750/1000 yellow gold and 925/1000 silver with spheres of volcanic lava and lava stone masks. Gold g. 51,1 Silver g. 11


Venus in shell

Spilla Dama in turchese


A delicate female face recalls the features of Venus, perfectly integrated inside a shell that shows its mother-of-pearl part with dark tones. A thin border in yellow gold adorned with small diamonds winds along one side of the brooch and then continues on the back of the jewel as if to create a precious shell, the craftsmanship is mainly aimed at this part of the piece, the gold plate has been finished with a patient burin engraving recreating a design reminiscent of damask fabrics, it is a unique jewel which through its particular shape enhances the beauty of the turquoise lady, deliberately left free from visible settings, in reality anchored to the structure through a refined and complex sealing mechanism, almost as if it were suspended in space, as if it were born directly from the sea…

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold brooch with hand-engraved turquoise lady’s face, shell and brown diamonds.
Gold g. 48

White gold earrings with diamonds and freshwater pearls

Orecchini in oro bianco con diamanti e perle d'acqua dolce - Stile rinasc. fiorentino

Sobriety and elegance for white gold earrings with diamonds and white freshwater drop pearls.
From a small point of light adorned with a delicate satin finish and a meticulous design surrounding the central diamond, a sequence of small diamonds set in white gold and arranged together develops, and then ends towards a white drop-shaped pearl.
Pendant earrings with a refined design dictated by the timeless combination of pearl and diamonds.

Data sheet:
White gold earrings with freshwater pearls and diamonds.
Gold g. 3.8
Diamonds 0.23 ct
Price: €2000.00