rock opal pendant

Ciondolo in oro giallo con diamnti brown e opale boulder - Mesiterraneo-


The pendant is a perfect union between the soft lines of yellow gold and the opal incorporated in its mother rock, irregular, with warm colors.
Colored reflections that emerge from the color of the earth, unique shades that make the little jewel something that cannot be repeated.
A trail of small cognac diamonds, set in the noble metal, recall the shades of the rock giving further brightness, a singular combination in a small unique piece….

Data sheet:
18kt yellow gold pendant with boulder opal and brown diamonds
Gold g. 8.7
Diamonds ct. 0.08

precious blue

Ciondolo in oro giallo e bianco con lapislazzuli


A delicate and unique setting envelops the blue colored gem, an oval cabochon cut lapis lazuli.
The white gold alternates with the yellow one, highlighting a chromatic contrast that is well suited to the tone of the stone.
A stone with a simple, linear cut, in stark contrast to the meticulous workmanship applied to the metal, the white gold is in fact finely perforated, the honeycomb workmanship that surmounts the stone is clearly visible on its surface, allowing a glimpse of the blue color through the texture of the metal, a white gold shell that develops a shape in the center that is somewhat attributable to a puzzle piece, as if to symbolize that each piece can be unique. The metal setting then proceeds in the lower part with a yellow gold cord that encircles and closes the perimeter of the lapis lazuli.
A jewel as unique as the person who will wear it…

Technical description:
Pendant in 18 kt white and yellow gold with oval lapis lazuli.
Gold g. 11.1

Collection Antica Roma

ciondolo artigianale in bronzo e travertino

The Antica Roma collection rediscovers the atmospheres, icons and symbols of imperial Rome.

A Collection of bronze and travertine jewels inspired by ancient mosaics and coins.

Pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets, expertly modeled with wax casting technique, are the protagonists of this innovative collection.

For him, for her, for an unforgettable gift.


The collection was exhibited at the bookshop of the archaeological area of ​​the ancient Domitian Stadium, today’s Piazza Navona, and subsequently proposed in the bookshop of the Scuderie del Quirinale, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Raffaello Sanzio.

segnalibro bocca della verità
Mouth of Truth Bookmark – Antique Bronze
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Theatrical mask earrings – Gilded bronze and carnelian agate or yellow jasper
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Orecchini con mascheroni in bronzo dorato e riolite
Satirical mask earrings _ Gilded bronze with pink rhyolite or aventurine
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Orecchini Bocche della Verità -Disponibili in ottone anticato o bronzo
Double Mouth of Truth Earrings – in Bronze or antique brass
orecchini piccole bocche della verità- bronzo dorasto e ottone bianco anticato
Mouth of Truth Coin Earrings – Bronze and white brass
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Bracciale Bocca della Verità -con lava vulcanica e bronzo anticato
Mouth of truth bracelet – Bronze and volcanic lava
Mouths of Truth bracelet – Bronze and village stone
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Bronzo anticato , maschera in pietra lavica e travertino noce
Green lava stone mask pendant – Traverino / lava stone and bronze
bronzo anticato ,volto di telamone in pietra lavica e travertino noce
Green lava stone mask pendant – Traverino / lava stone and bronze
Bacco con anfora- bronzo anticato e trvaertino noce
Bacchus pendant with amphora – Travertine / antique bronze
Mouth of Truth Pendant – Travertine / antique bronze
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Mythological Medusa pendant – Travertine / antique bronze
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1 Colosseo bronzo e travertino noce
Colosseum pendant – Travertine / antique bronze
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Ciondolo Bacco- bronzo anticato e travertino noce
Pendant Bacchus – Travertine / antique bronze
Ciondolo imperatore domiziano- ottone e travertino noce
Emperor Domitian pendant – Travertine / bronze or antique brass
Ciondolo Piangi e ridi in bronzo anticato e travertino
Piangi e Ridi pendant – Travertine / antique bronze
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Theatrical mask pendant Art. 1 – Travertine / antique bronze
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Theatrical mask pendant Art. 2 – Travertine / antique bronze


gioiello in mosaico con maschera teatrale

The Infinity collection originates from a collaboration between the goldsmith Ivan Barbato and the mosaicist Fabio Bordi, and proposes the theme of ancient Rome.

The union between these two ancient decorative arts is suggestive.

These jewels made of bronze, adorned with marble tiles and Venetian enamels, seem to belong to an ancient past.

The star of this collection is the classic medallion-shaped pendant.

The ornamental motif in the center is made of bronze, coral or lava stone, while the decorations at the edges are made up of micro mosaic fragments.

At the customer’s request, the models in this collection can also be made with precious materials such as noble metals, gems and ancient marbles.

The collection bears the signature of the two artisans and the symbol of infinity refers to Rome, the Eternal City.


Ciondolo in oro giallo con Opale Boulder


The yellow gold pendant, modeled from wax directly on the irregular shape of the boulder opal is clearly a unique piece that depicts a young hybrid body, half human, almost an elf who shelters his head from the sun with a giant leaf, half fish with a tail reminiscent of sea sirens or rather a young merman.
A meticulous burin engraving pleasant contrasts on the surface of the metal, further enhancing the innumerable reflections of the opal.
A small pendant that contains a particular craftsmanship.
Technical description:
750/1000 yellow and white gold pendant with boulder opal.
Gold g. 6.8


Ciondolo con salmandra in argento 925 e oro giallo 18 Kt con minerale (pietra vesuviana)


Making jewels with minerals means giving life to something unique every time, the bright colors, the reflections of the crystals, everything takes on a particular charm, a unique suggestion that is given to us by the wonder of our planet. This pendant is made with a mineral called Vesuvian stone, contrary to what its name might suggest, in this case, it does not derive from the Campania region but rather from the Ligurian mountains. I wanted to leave all its beauty visible in that green that emerges from the rock , so I dedicated my work to the most hidden part, the back of the mineral. A Salamander in burnished silver with speckles in yellow gold and eyes in cognac diamonds clings to the mineral as if it wanted to protrude, the graceful amphibian as well as being the applied ornament acts as a structure itself that embeds the mineral, through its head it is possible insert a small yellow gold chain, which allows it to be worn. The result is a piece without equal; since the small animal has been modeled on the irregular shapes of the mineral, it is truly a one-of-a-kind jewel.

Technical description:
Pendant in 925/1000 burnished silver and 750/1000 yellow gold with Vesuvian stone.
Gold g. 2.8 g Silver. 15.6


Ciondolo in oro giallo con turchese, il pendente è double face e unico in ogni suo dettaglio... - Mediterraneo Liberty-
Pendant in yellow gold with turquoise, the pendant is double-faced and unique in every detail


The jewel is a tribute to nature, in its forms, among its elements…
A young elf in yellow gold plays an ancient tuba, immersed in a heart of blue turquoise that creates the bridge between the water element and the earth element, he himself has hybrid features that in the lower part resemble a marine creature and then culminate with a graceful headdress of hers that connects an earthly one to one side.
The intense blue of the mineral evokes the sea but the reference to flowers is then well marked, the pendant has in fact a double aspect that allows it to be worn on both sides, as if to delight the owner of being able to have two jewels in one.
While on one side the yellow gold leprechaun is visible playing, almost cradled by a sea wave, on the other there is a set of flowers delicately engraved in bas-relief on the mineral itself, alternating with these stand out gold leaves that derive from a small branch, the same branch that gradually turns into the elf’s headdress on the other side of the jewel.
The small hybrid body symbolically combines two dominant elements of nature, all enclosed in the shape of a heart, just as the heart symbolizes the union and love between two people…

Technical description:
Double face pendant in 750/1000 yellow gold with a turquoise heart.
Gold g. 10