Lovers pendant in yellow gold silver and freshwater pearls

Ciondolo Amanti, in oro giallo, argento e perle d'acqua dolce - pezzo unico- Liberty-


Materials : Silver, yellow gold and freshwater pearls

Techinque: wax modelling, micro-fusion and hand finish

Inspired by Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione

A Woman of the Risorgimento, she was sent to France by her cousin Cavour with the intent of using her graces to seduce and convince the Emperor Napoleo III to side his troops with those of the Savoy house for the cause of Itaian indipendence.

The attempt succeeded and the two became lovers.

Napoleon III showered her with jewels incuding a necklace of 5 rounds of pearls which she often wore. The jewel represents two lovers, he embraces her and in between the two bodies a shape in silver brings to mind the shape of a unified Italy, reason for which the two met.

The man and the woman are also joined by a thread of pearls which remembers one of te most famous gifts the Emperor gave to the Countess.


Ciondolo in oro giallo con diamante e minerale di vanadinite - pezzo unico- Mediterraneo


The yellow gold pendant combines a warm-coloured mineral, a Vanadinite from Morocco, with a graceful hippocampus that immediately recalls the sea; symbolically it is a union of nature between the earth element and the water element. The title of the jewel “Mine of the abyss” is a play on words that leads back to the mine from which minerals are extracted but at the same time reminds us how much the sea can be a mine of treasures invisible to us, treasures for its extraordinary fauna which ranges between innumerable fish of a thousand colors, treasures for the history that it has been costing for centuries, if we think of the ships that lie on its seabed. Even the term abyss expresses a double meaning, it is not only connected to the depths of the sea, but also to those of the mines, which in turn cost very precious goods. The pendant is combined with a series of small raw white gold cables that allow it to be worn. The white gold was deliberately left opaque so as not to create an excessive chromatic contrast, in perfect harmony with the rough surface of the mineral.

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold pendant with vanadinite and matching white gold cables.
Gold g. 27

marine flower

ciondolo in oro giallo con fiore in conchiglia e zaffiro blu - pezzo unico- Mediterraneo


The title of the jewel is a clear play on words based on the protagonist of the pendant, emphasizing its reference to the marine world due to the material it is made of.
A soft pink shell, skilfully worked in the shape of a flower is partially wrapped in a refined yellow gold structure which, thanks to its delicate trend, recalls the soft lines of Art Nouveau, in the center of the flower, a further note of color is given by the presence of a blue sapphire, also reminiscent of the color of the sea, the intense blue of its depths, in a delicate chromatic contrast with the pink of the shell, it further enhances the aesthetic effect of the whole jewel.
Each flower contains a particular beauty, shapes and colors are always different, unique, uniqueness like a jewel forever…

Technical description:
750/1000 yellow gold pendant with shell flower and blue sapphire
Gold g. 8.4