The world of goldsmithery finds its greatest expression in the high jewellery and it’s something extremely charming.
Having the possibility to work creating with the only purpose to create beauty, is a privilege, and thus a deep respect is required when relating with this work.
The respect for your own work and for the materials is always rewarded by the final result of the jewel, with an infinite passion that is constantly fed whit art everytime you realize something unique.


Knowing that only looking at beauty you can create beauty, the choice of a style to follow together with your own interpretation of the piece is the right way to follow to realize something that stands out.
It is important to realize the work following your own taste but it is also important to interpret your customer’s tastes and wishes.
It is possible to create jewels with precious stones, sometimes already purchased by the customer.
The most important thing is handcrafting, the constant objective is to realize pieces with a high level of technical quality, each of them mustbe able to speak for himself…
In particular there are some styles that affect the esthetic character of the pieces made by Ivan Barbato, mostly they can be divided in three categories:
A great attention is paid to the fretwork tecnique inspirated by a renaissance florentine style; another very important role is the Liberty style, in which a whole series of jewels with a natural theme can be found: here flora, fauna and hybrid bodies combine whit one another.
Finally particularly figurative pieces are produced following a typically Mediterranean jewelery, or all those jewels with various setting in precious metal that are decorated by corals, turquoise, lava stones and shells.


The choice of materials often determines the development of an idea. Materials can very a lot: the right ornament for precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires can be created settings in precious metal are instead designed for corals, turquoise and hard stones of various types.
Pearls are often used both of sea and freshwater and a particular selection of pieces is created on baroque pearls. Thanks to the latters and to minerals and opals of irregular shape, is possible to get unique pieces immediately.
Exalting the beauty of a gem by building every time the right setting is the duty of an artisan and here lies the whole philosophy of this laboratory.