Creations for an event

The following pieces have been made on the occasion of exhibitions dedicated to specific theme
The jewel was created for the Jacopo da Trezzo 2017 competition entitled “A jewel for Maria Theresa of Austria:” The empress who made Milan great, beautiful and advanced, 300 years after her birth “

Title of the jewel: Fermacapelli imperiale

Introduction caption:

I wanted to create an object from another era, something that could be distinguished from the pieces that are usually made in jewelry, something that could be worn at the time of Empress Maria Theresa of Habsburg as you could wear today.
The jewel was born thinking of one of the aesthetic details that most characterized the ‘700: “Hair styling”.
Both men and women at that time gave great emphasis to their appearance, their clothing. It was the century of a new, particular, unmistakable fashion, the face was lightened with powder, wearing silk stockings, shoes with buckles, but above all wigs were used to give shape to often extravagant hairstyles.
For some women, the hairpin was an object of everyday life and, if turned into jewelry, it could be worthy of an empress …


Technical description:

Made of 925/1000 silver, with enamels and freshwater pearl, the jewel was handmade by modeling the wax and, successively, after obtaining the metal shape through the lost wax casting, it was finished, polished and enamelled.

Jewel created on the occasion of an exhibition inspired by the women of the Italian Risorgimento

Title of the jewel: The lovers

Materials : Silver, yellow gold and freshwater pearls
Techinque: wax modelling, micro-fusion and hand finish

Inspired by Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione

A Woman of the Risorgimento, she was sent to France by her cousin Cavour with the intent of using her graces to seduce and convince the Emperor Napoleo III to side his troops with those of the Savoy house for the cause of Itaian indipendence.

The attempt succeeded and the two became lovers.

Napoleon III showered her with jewels incuding a necklace of 5 rounds of pearls which she often wore. The jewel represents two lovers, he embraces her and in between the two bodies a shape in silver brings to mind the shape of a unified Italy, reason for which the two met.

The man and the woman are also joined by a thread of pearls which remembers one of te most famous gifts the Emperor gave to the Countess.

Jewel created on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to the works of the composer Giuseppe Verdi

Title of the jewel: Aida

Pendant in yellow gold, silver and smoky quartz

Descriptive text:

The structure of the jewel consists of a superposition of plates shaped in gold and silver.
The various pieces are indicated on a plate in the shape of a pyramid, observingthe jewel can be seen also some stylized papyrus, you immediately think to Egypt and then to the famous work of master Verdi is set there.
From the top of the pyramid opens, like a curtain, a sheet of silver, it is as if it were a music pentagram, a treble clef starts the music and the notes flow down the sides of the stage, in the middle there is a heart of gold symbolizing the lovebetween the two protagonists of the opera Aida and Radames.
The Ethiopian princess and the Egyptian leader are in turn represented atcentrodella scene while holding hands, no matter the epilogue that will have their story, what they feel for each other will keep them together forever .. .
The jewel inspired Aida is a tribute to the feeling that most of all animates the lifeof the people
love …

Jewel realized on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to the theme “La Luce”

Title of the jewel: THE LIGHT IN THE TIME

White gold, yellow gold, brilliants

Descriptive text:

The jewel represents the synonym of light for the ancients about the depiction of the god Helios holding a lit torch. The lower part takes the shape of a classic style chandelier, a modern lighting tool. Everything is assembled with a delicate harmony of shapes, the result of a patient work carried out entirely handcraft.

Title of the jewel: LOOKING AT AFRICA

Descriptive text:

Sometimes design of a jewel born from that suggests the form of a precious stone, of a pearl or any element should be embellished with a precious metal.
It is the case of this piece , a pearl of fresh water “Soufflè” that immediately reminded me the shape of the Africa Continent and at the same time the colors of the moon, its lights, its shadows, its reflexes.
Here is the moon laying its gaxe on the continent, there is reflected , cross it , wraps it.
Sometimes he is not the artisan that gives an identity to the jewel but, as asserted a famous artist of the past, the work already resides in the subject we are dealing. You just have to give il life, take it out.

Pendant in yellow gold 18kt, freshwater pearl and fire enamels