Ivan Barbato’s goldsmith laboratory was born in 2008 after a professional carrer path that had begun in 1995 at Capac of Milan and has been consolidated through work experience gained over the years working by several laboratories of the sector.

The opening of your own business is partly the achievement of a goal but mostly the starting point to realize your own ideas and leave space to your own fantasy.

The jewels realized by Ivan Barbato are the result of a meticulous work that is still being carried out today fully handcrafted, with working techniques rooted in the distant past.

Particular attention is given to the metal modeling, the fretwork technique and to the wax modeling; isn’t important if the piece to be realized contains precious stones, semi-precious stones or not, the important thing is to create every time something with a unique charm that is able to stand the test of time. In fact the choice of materials to be combined whit precious metals is rather, but what really makes unique the jewel is the artisan’s know-how, the care of the details, the choice of a style to follow and the right techniques to use.